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Solved English Precis & Composition Paper 2009


Q.1. (a) Choose the word that is nearly similar in meaning to the word in capital letters. Synonyms

  1. Obscure: unclear
  2. Amiable; affable
  3. Hoodwink: Delude
  4. Guileful: disingenuous
  5. Obsession: fixed ideas.
  6. Radical: innate.
  7. Presumptive: timid.

Pick the most nearly opposite in meaning to the capitalized world.

  1. Presentable: scruffy.
  2. Salvation: Doom
  3. Plain: Ambiguous.
  4. Odious: Charming.
  5. Inflame: Calm


Q.2. Make a précis of the given passage and suggest a suitable heading. (20+5)

Title: Art is Mirror of Life

Philosophers have blamed art of igniting people’s feelings. Plato believed that art nourishes their passions. Tolstoi maintained that art is an infectious disease. He has, however, failed to understand the nature of art. Art is a reflection of reality, only an image, a picture. Wordsworth viewed poetry as emotions remembered in composure. However, emotions stirred by poets belong to present day and not to the past. In arts emotions affect people in a different way as in art they only see the reflection of reality. Art exposes their emotions. Shakespeare’s character “Hamlet” elucidates the objective of art as to show the image of reality. The image off reality is however, not reality. The art, viewer is not affected by the passions of characters. He sees through them and understands their true nature. All great artists are in agreement with Shakespeare that art does not corrupt their emotions, but helps them to understand those.



ANS 1: The great versatility of helicopter is found its nature as the fulfillment of man’s dream of flying.

Ans 2:  The dream of flying is flying as nothing else this or has ever flown. The wing of the conventional aircraft deflects the air when in motion for flying.

Ans 3: The curved upper surface of the wings creates suction with the help of resistance of air.

Ans 4: The suction created at the upper surface of the using and the consequence thrust provided by air resistance gives the wing time as much lift as the air pressure below the wing.


See: The importance of Industrialization.

Change The Narration:

  1. He asked him why did he waste his time.
  2. He said to his servant, Do not stand here doing nothing.
  3. He said Hurrah: I have won the match.
  4. The traveler exclaimed with fear what a dark night.
  5. He resolved that let it rain even so hard, he would start that day.
  6. My mother prayed that may I live happily and prosper in my life.
  7. He said how foolish had he been.


  1. He swore to God.
  2. Is your dress different to mine?
  3. He inquired of me whether I lived in Karachi.
  4. I shall not come here unless you call me.
  5. They have been building a wall for three days.
  6. He does not have any devotion to his studies.


  • Leave in the Lurch: leave someone during had time.

America is habitual of using Pakistan first and then leaving her in the lurch.

  • Hard and fast: Constant and unchangeable.

There is no hard and fast rule to success.

  • Bear the brunt. To receive all the criticism and consequences.

Pakistan must prepare itself to bear the brunt of climate change.

  • Where the shoe pinches: where the trouble or difficulty is:

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

  • Turncoat: Traitor

They considered him an ally, but he deceived them and turned out to be a turncoat.

Pair of words:

Persecute: to torture.

The judicial system must not persecute but prosecute the accused.

Prosecute: to charge in the court of law.

He is prosecuted for committing murder.

Naughty: mischievous

He is quite naughty and live wire.

Knotty: complex:

Kashmir dispute has become a knotty problem.


Hew in the morning looks fabulous.

Hue; to protest.

No one listened to patient’s hue and cry.

Hoard: to store, mostly unlawfully.

Hoarding is prohibited in Islam.

Horde: a great number.

Hordes of sheep were grazing in the field.

Ghostly: Pertaining to Ghost.

The ghostly silence in the graveyard was terrible and frightening.

Ghastly: terrible

He was shocked by the ghostly murder of his neighbour.

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