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Solved English Precis & Composition Paper 2010


Pick the world that is nearly similar in meaning to the capitalized word:

  1. Acrimonious: Bitter
  2. Calligraphy: Handwriting
  3. Unequivocal: Plain
  4. Demise: Death
  5. Incendiary: Causing fire.
  6. Touchstone: Criterion
  7. Void: Emptiness
  8. Essay: Attempt

Indicate the most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:

  1. Ignoble: Noble
  2. Melancholy: Happy
  3. Obliterate: Preserve
  4. Ally: Foe
  5. Vulgar: Exquisite
  6. Pretend: Substantiate
  7. Liberty: Bound
  8. Conscientious: Profligate.

Precis title: Envy as a cause of unhappiness:

Jealousy is the worst human trait. Jealous Person intends to give injury to others and by intending so gives himself pain. He does not enjoy his possessions, but mourn others belongings. He attempts to dispossess others from their valuables for stripling others is as suitable as acquiring them personally. Given the laxity, this spirit has the capacity to be devastating, threatening every work of genius. Contrary to jealousy human psyche has another positive trait i.e., praising others. Persons seeking happiness must promote praising others and decrease jealousy. The remedy for jealousy is happiness. A jealous person may argue that he cannot gain happiness till he is covetous. But understanding the reasons of jealousy is a big move towards redressing it.

Comprehension 2010:

  1. What made Galileo recent the truth he knew?

The cruel suppression of the scientific knowledge by the Roman Church and the torture of Inquisition made Galileo recant the truth he knows.

  1. What is the heritage being alluded to in the first paragraph?

The knowledge and information that has been accumulated over centuries is being alluded to in the first paragraph as heritage with the emphasis that modern generation must continue it.

  1. What does the “betrayal of our trust” imply?

The betrayal of trust implies losing the spirit of inquiry by the present generation and thereby failing to make any contribution in the existing knowledge for the future generations.

  1. Why do we need to question the old truth and work for the new ones?

The author suggest to us to question the old truths and work for the new ones to make our lives as well as the lives of future generations comfortable and more worthy of living.

  1. Explain the underline worlds. 
1.      InquisitionRoman Church courts.
2.      The planetThe world in which we live.
3.      FalterHesitate.
4.      Cynicism Lack of Hope.
5.      Those who are yet to be. Future generations.


Q: Write A Comprehensive Note (250-300) Words On Any One Of The Following:

See: A Civil Servant is Public Servant.


Yeoman’s service: very important contribution.

Sir Syed has done a Yeoman Service to Muslim of Sub-Continent.

A Casting Vote: A deciding or decisive vote.

The matter resolved only when the speaker himself came forward for a casting vote.

Out of wood: Escape from danger.

We are not out of wood yet.

Look down upon: to hate. We shall not look down upon the poor.

Make for: Move towards.

We made for the college together.


Adverse: not suitable or appropriate.

His senior made adverse remarks against him in the annual report.

Adverse: not liking or opposing something.

Our family is not averse to female education.

Maize: Corn

Maize is rich in protein and fiber.

Maze: A labyrinth; a complicated series of paths where one can easily gets astray.

Our law is a maze of rules and regulations with practically zero implementation.

Medal: a piece of metal to recognize performance.

I have not been able to win a single medal in my life yet.

Meddle: to interfere often unnecessarily.

Do not meddle in my affair. Mind your own business.

Imperial: phenomenon of expanding the rule.

Germany’s imperial motives caused the world war-II.

Imperious: treating people as they were of lower race or statics.

Aslam has an imperious attitude.

Veracity: Truth, Truthfulness.

I doubt the veracity of his claims.

Voracity: Greed, Avidness.

His voracity for knowledge is commendable.

Ordnance: related to arms production.

The Pakistan ordnance factory is crucial for meeting the needs of our Army.

Ordinance: a legal order.

The President has issued a new ordinance to control women harassment in the country.


  1. The climate of Pakistan is better than that of England.
  2. He swore to God.
  3. You ought to have regarded him as your benefactor.
  4. My friend is very ill; I fear he will die soon.
  5. When I see her, I will deliver her your gift.

Change of narration.

  1. He said that his son was coming on Monday.
  2. They wanted to know, “where is he going that week?”
  3. He inquired had she gone the previous day.
  4. He swore to God that he did not know her nickname.
  5. Ask the old man sitting on the gate.
  6. My father said “may you recover from you illness. ”
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    My father said to me, “May you recover from your illness.”

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    The climate of Pakistan is better than the climate of England.

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  5. Farkhanda zeb says

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