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Strike the iron when it is hot Short Essay


Strike the Iron When it is Hot:

The key to success in life is to seize an opportunity as soon as it presents itself. A blacksmith strikes the iron when it is red hot, for then it is soft and he can mould it into any shape he desires. But if by negligence he allows it to cool, then no amount of hammering will yield desirable results. Therefore, a wise person with a little foresight always tries to grab an opportunity and make the most of it. Many people fail in life because they waste too much time in weighing the pros and cons. They never realise that initial hesitation and indecisiveness are the causes of their failure. Such people invariably put blame on their stars and resign themselves to the fate. At times they become bitter and cynical. If we closely examine the key to success in life, we shall notice that, most successful men are gifted with an instinctive ability to recognize the right opportunity and seldom hesitate to take it. Indeed an opportunity once lost is lost forever. They realize the truth of this statement. Hence, they never waver and grab the opportunity at the first sign of its appearance.


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