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Sweet are the uses of Adversity Short Essay


Sweet are the uses of Adversity:

Adversity brings out the best in man. A person in difficult circumstances learns to utilize his physical energies and mental faculties in a positive way to overcome difficulties. The problem usually eases off after sometime, but it invariably prepares a person to deal with future challenges. On the other hand, a person in easy circumstances never gets acquainted with his mettle. He runs away from challenges and seldom succeeds in life.

If we cast a glance on the lives of successful personalities, who filled the pages with their remarkable achievements, we shall see that all of them faced adversity in life. It was the sweet benefits they reaped from adversity which made them what they were. Quaid-e-Azam faced several hardships and bitter opposition not only from Hindus and British but also from Muslim clergy. This, however, only made him from stronger and steadfast in his mission and eventually he succeeded in establishing a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub-continent.

What holds true for an individual also holds true for a nation. Any nation, when threatened by external forces, unites to take on the challenge. The development and progress of China is an illustration in hand. China, after its revolution, faced adversity from the western countries. However, it facilitated unity of the Chinese citizens, who left no stone unturned for the progress of their country. Consequently, China has emerged as a powerful state in a short time.

It is true that at present our country is facing adversity from various forces. However, it is important that we must not lose heart. We can take a leaf out of China’s book and build our country by taking out the best from these adverse circumstances. Thus, it can rightly be concluded that sweet are the uses of adversity.

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