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Psychoneurotic Disorders

Psychoneurotic Disorders: Psychoneurotic disorders are purely psychological disorder. There is no relevant organic pathology present in these orders of the behaviour and thus may be clearly distinguished from the psycho-physiological disorders which are known as the disorders of the psyche as well as body. Neurotic disorders in a real sense represent the typical ways of […]

Psychology of Learning

Learning: Leaving refers to a relatively durable change in behavior or knowledge that is due to experience. This broad definition means that learning is one the most fundamental concepts in all of psychology. Learning includes the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but it also shapes personal habits, such as nail biting; personality traits, such as […]

Psychotic Disorders

PHSYCHOTIC DISORDERS Phychotic disorders or psychoses are more “serious disorders” in comparison with the minor illnesses of neurotic disorder. A psychotic behavior is characterized by a serious form of personality disturbance in which the patient shows periodic or prolonged loss of contact with the reality. Legal and social term “insanity” is frequently used for the […]