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There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Short Essay


There is no such thing as Free Lunch                 

This saying was initially a colloquial axiom, popular in the United States, widely used in the field of economics. The basic implication is that there is nothing actually free in this world. It is all about give and take. One will not get something for nothing. To attain anything, to achieve any success one will have to put in a great deal of hard work, coupled with determination. Economists point out that the marketing gimmicks of giving something free with a product is also not really a free gift. The companies come with such offers to promote their products with a larger end of making huge profits.

The public officers holding important offices often receive lucrative gifts from wealthy businessmen acting in the garb of friendship. This is, however, important to understand that these gifts are not really out of love and affection, but are given because of the social position which the recipient enjoys in society. The person giving expensive gifts expects favour in return, thus, deriving personal benefits at the expense of “greater good”. This even puts the job and reputation of the public officer in jeopardy. His reputation grows as corrupt officer. Hence, he pays back the seemingly innocuous gifts by tarnishing his image in the society.

Similarly, on international level, developed countries give foreign aid to the poor countries facing economic turmoil. This foreign aid, however, is not without conditionality. Donor countries use this aid to interfere into the domestic policies of the recipient countries. USA provides economic assistance to countries which are strategically aligned with her to maintain a tight grip over the foreign as well as domestic policies of these countries. These recipient countries pay back the apparently free aid by becoming a puppet of America and following its policies in international diplomacy.

Thus one should earn and fulfill his needs by his sweat and labour. Any free offer one gets in life should be approached cautiously and dealt with prudently to avoid disappointment.

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