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United Nations Failures and Successes Essay Outline



  1. Introduction

    1. United Nation an international organization.
    2. United Nation; founded to replace to League of Nations.
    3. Threats to world peace are as before.
    4. Thesis statement leading to conclusion
  2. Preamble to the United Nations Charter

    1. Maintain international peace.
    2. Social and economic development.
    3. Human rights and humanitarian assistance
  3. Aim and purpose of charter:

    1. To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights
    2. To promote social progress
    3. To establish coordination among nation states without compromising territorial sovereignty.
  4. Membership of United Nation

    1. Peace loving states
    2. Decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.
  5. Organs of United Nation Organization:

    1. General assembly
    2. Security Council secretariat
    3. International court of justice
    4. Secretariat
    5. Economic and social council
    6. Specialized agencies
      1. International atomic energy agency (IAEA)
      2. Food and agriculture organization
      3. Social and Cultural organization
      4. World health organization

   6.  Performance of United Nation

  1. It has so far prevented the outbreak of World War III
  2. Transformation of international service sector – education, health, agriculture
  3. Boosted the trade of goods.
  4. Peaceful settlement of region conflicts and internal conflicts
  5. Providing relief and help in disasters, food shortage, housing and population issues
  6. Demise of Colonialism and Imperialism
  7. Significant role in disarmament and use of technology for the welfare of mankind.

7. Failures of United Nation:

  1. Failure to prevent the 1994 Rwandan Genocide
  2. Failure of UNO in Darfur conflict
  3. Failure to successfully deliver food to starving people in Somalia
  4. Failure of MONUL to effectively intervene during the second Congo War
  5. Iraq War without the authorization of UNO.
  6. Sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers
  7. Failure to intervene in bloody civil war of Sri Lanka
  8. Failure of non-proliferation treaty
  9. Failure to combat terrorism
  10. Failure to resolve matter of contentious issues that are threat to world peace such as Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.
  11. It has failed to protect deteriorating world climate.
  12. The US interference in the internal affairs of weaker countries – Libya, Syria, South Korea, Egypt etc.

8. Causes of Failure:

  1. Financial dependence of world powers
  2. UNO– a forum for debate
  3. Unable to take independent without the support of US
  4. Veto power – it is used to further national interest at the cost of global interest.
  5. Conflict of interest between powers paralyzes her – Syria Crises

9. Reforming the United Nation

  1. Reduction of financial dependency on major powers
  2. Empowering the general to get its decisions implement
  3. Veto reform
  4. Increase number of security members.

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