Urbanization in Pakistan


Urbanization Defined

“It is the process of migrating from rural area the urban area.”

Urbanization is the process of shifting the rural people to come and reside in the cities. This is becoming a grave problem these days that people prefer to live in the cities.

Trends in Pakistan:

The trends of urbanization are high and are still rising. Urbanization in Pakistan started from the very inception of country. Then the industrialization in Ayub era attracted many people to the cities, After that the separation of Bangladesh added in city population because the people who preferred to live in Pakistan came and settled in cities and finally the Afghan war and gulf war also accelerated the urbanization Process.

After five years the population of Pakistan in the cities in rising with the ration of 20% and up till 2030 the population of cities will rise by 120% and according to an overall estimate the recent trend shows that up till 2040 of 50% of the population would have been settled in the cities. Thus, we can say that Pakistan’s rate of urbanization is very high.

Causes of urbanization:

The main causes of urbanization are.

  1. Lesser facilities.
  2. Poor quality of education in villages.
  3. Tougher life pattern.
  4. Joblessness
  5. Easy life in cities.
  6. Atrocities of the feudal.
  7. No or low land ownership.
  8. Better Transport.
  9. Media (role)

Effects of Urbanization:

Urbanization is good trend but only to the extent when it is rising at normal level. However, if it is rising at very high level like in Pakistan, it becomes dangerous. High level urbanization affects the life in the following ways.

  1. Lack of infrastructure.
  2. Lack of transport.
  3. Shortage of residency.
  4. Increase of suburbs and the slums.
  5. Poor sanitary system.
  6. Shortage of schools
  7. Shortage/scarcity of health facilities
  8. Higher crime rate.
  9. anonymity (cause of many crimes and unhealthy tends lide prostitution and street crimes etc, drug abuse.
  10. Problem of law and order.
  11. Traffic Jam.


To control this threatening level of urbanization, some of the suggestions are given below.

  1. Better facilities in villages including better education, health and economic facilities.
  2. Land Reforms for sustainable piece of land be given to the farmers.
  3. Check the atrocities of the landlords/feudal lords.
  4. Certain packages and schemes should be introduced as incentives to the rural communities.


Urbanization is one of the serious problems that are being faced by our society. It should be checked with proper policy makings and policy implementation so that villagers may not feel need of settling in the cities.


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