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Uses and Abuses of Leisure Short Essay


Uses and Abuses of Leisure

Leisure is some free time from job or occupation. This is period of relaxation in everyday routine. Benefits and drawbacks of leisure depends upon the person who uses it.

Some free time is essential in today’s fast moving world because life gets boring and dull because of same schedule everyday. In this way, man loses an interest in his work. This is the reason government institutions and other organizations have fixed working hours and number of weekly and monthly holidays. Holidays are very important in enhancing the efficiency of workers. People like to spend holidays in their own way. Some prefer to read books to supplement their knowledge. Others like to spend their time on gardening. Some go for travelling around the country to see their countrywide culture and historical places. In our country, people made plans to go to northern areas. In this way time is spend closer to nature, away from machines, and amongst the beauty of nature and simplicity. All these activities recharge the energy of man and make him ready for his professional life.

On the other hand, too much leisure is also a problem as it spoils a person who has it. Such a person is more prone to anti-social activities because an empty mind is a dwelling house of Satin. So a free youth is more likely to adopt a bad company and involve in evil deeds. It is important to utilize one’s free time in a productive way especially for persons who are unemployed. The government must play its part in engaging unemployed people in productive activities as human capital is very important natural resource in the modern world.

From the above conclusion it can be concluded that it is not the availability of leisure that is bad but it is the poor usage of leisure that makes it bad. In real life availability of proper free time for relaxation is strongly needed.

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