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Violence is the Last Refuge of the Incompetent Essay Outline




Victory by violence is tantamount to defeat, as it is momentary. The true victory is winning the hearts and minds of the people. One resorts to violence when one fails to achieve the desired results through peaceful means.

Extent of the Issue:

The incompetent resorts to violence to further his interests.

  1. Individuals fight when they fail to sort out issues through dialogue and argument.
  2. Groups, having opposite opinions become stubborn and quarrel while each of them declaring itself rightful.
  • Sectarianism
  • Terrorism
  • Religious extremism
  • Political extremism.

3. Terrorist organization opt violence when they fail to win people peacefully.

  • TTP
  • Al-Qaeda.
  • IRA in UK
  • Shiv Seva in India.
  • LTTE in Sri Lanka.

4. Hidden and proxy wars between nations. Toppling governments. Destabilizing regimes, installing dummy rulers of one’s own choice, murdering deviants. Secret operations of CIA.

5. Powerful nations attacking weak nations, plundering their resources and unleashing most inhuman atrocities on people and opponents.

  • Indian Invasion of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947.
  • Israeli invasion of Palestine. Massive genocide and persecution of Palestinians.
  • American invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.
  • Bombing Japan with atomic weapons.

6. Political chaos engulfs the society when compatriots fail to resolve their issue due to their incompetency.

  • Syrian civil war
  • Bahrain crisis
  • Arab Spring
  • Revolt in African countries.
  • Political unrest in Pakistan.
  • Revolutions

7. Criminal activities like rape, organ removal, human trafficking, street crimes, murders, suicides etc.

  • Religious anarchy because of the incompetency of the scholars.
  • Mob justice. Extra judicial killings.
  • Blasphemy matters.
  • Salman Rushdi’s literacy violence.

8. Social violence in the form of child abuse, violence against women and minorities, violence of rich against poor, powerful against weak.

9. Economical violence resources in the hands of few selected individuals, corruption, nepotism, embezzlements etc. rich countries control the world business.



  1. Man is an emotional creature rather than a rational being.
  2. Greed for power and resources, at individual, group and national level.
  3. Socio-economic disparities provoke individuals to get their rights by violence and force.
  4. Loose social bonds, broken families and weakened relations also promotes violence.
  5. Religious extremism: Generals intolerance and violence.
  6. Political stagnancy and stubbornness makes people emotionally volatile.
  7. Societies and nations where injustice rules have more chances of violence.
  8. Human value life has lost its value.
  9. Autocratic regimes, which cannot come to power by legal means, topple elected governments to fulfill their aims of grabbing power.
  10. When individual cannot get something by legal means, one gets violent and try to acquire it illegally.
  11. When one cannot win hearts and minds of the people, one tries to snub them and turn violent.
  12. Socio-economic desperation and frustration leads young hawks of the society to become violent and indulge in criminal activities.
  13. Insurgencies and bloody revolutions are almost invariably outcomes of incompetency of the people behind them.
  14. Personality weaknesses such as low stamina, anger, irresponsibility, drug abuse, sexually deviant etc. leads to violence.



  1. Rule of law is vital to curb violence of any kind and nature, whether individual, group or national.
  2. Good governance is important to diffuse tensions between social classes i.e., rich, poor, etc.
  3. Societies which are just can never experience violence. Justice should be provided on every front, be it social, economic and political or administrative.
  4. Preach peace, tranquility, love of humanity.
  5. Ensure harmonious co-existence of people and groups from different races, faiths and cultures. No one should be allowed to interfere in other’s matters.
  6. Work for the democracy so that people can be heard at proper platforms. Dictatorships and authoritarian rules which suppress the voice of people must be defied.
  7. Powerful countries must respect the freedom, sanctity and sovereignty of weak nations and states. The former must not burn the later in the fire of their greed for power and resources.
  8. International organizations like UN and regional organizations like EU, SAARC, OIC etc. should play a part in ensuring, stability and prosperity, devoid of violence.
  9. Alleviate poverty, minimize crimes and reduce income disparity from the society.
  10. Develop backward areas so that people from those areas can taste prosperity and shun extremist thoughts.
  11. Education and mass awareness can cater the problem of violence.
  12. Shunning socio-political and religious extremism.
  13. Ensure meritocracy so that young and competent individuals do not distract.


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