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What is Police Diary? Uses of Police Diary.


Police Diary:

Investigation/case diary is also called the police diary. Every investigation officer maintains the sequence of such diary up to date and enters the proceedings of investigation in the following form.

  1. The time of receipt of information
  2. The time at which he began and closed the investigation;
  3. The places visited by him;
  4. The circumstances ascertained in the recourse of his investigation.

Police diary is also named as special diary or Roznamcha khas or Station House Report. Generally speaking accused has no right to see the police diary, however, the accused can seek production of such diary at the time of trial in the following cases:

  1. If such diary is used by a police officer to refresh his memory.
  2. If the court used it for the purpose of contradicting such police officer in which case the provisions of article 141 and 157 of QSO shall apply.

Uses of police diary:

Any criminal court may require the police diary as evidence in the case under enquiry or trial in such court. However, the use of diary by the court would be rather as an aid to that inquiry. In so doing the court may take advantage of those facts, which are incorporated in the police diary and the sequence of questions put forth from the witness in the witness box would conveniently facilitate the court to know the fact in forming the ultimate conclusion of the controversy. The diary cannot be used as evidence but  can be used for the purpose of assisting the court in inquiry or trial, so as to making the court on a perfect line to impart justice to accused and prosecution in the same breath. The diary cannot be used for the purpose of testing the evidence of prosecution witness with that of recorded with police and entered into diary. The use of diary will never be made or tallied with the evidence recorded before the court. Nevertheless the provisions of article 140 QSO, by which the police officer will be called and questioned for those parts of the police diary which may be effectively used to cross examine the police officer. The diary cannot be used for the purpose of cross-examination to any other witness except police officer..

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